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👉 What is Identity-Native Infrastructure Access?
What the largest tech companies like Google and Facebook have discovered as they have grown their infrastructure is that traditional access control systems do not scale. Not only does the risk of a breach increase with each secret, but forcing developers to juggle hundreds of credentials to do their jobs limits productivity and encourages insecure workarounds.

The largest companies in the world have discovered that identity-based access is the way out of the dilemma.

This O'Reilly book will explain the concept of identity-based infrastructure access, and how it differs from more common older approaches based on secrets.

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Using AWS Spot instances to leverage 90% Savings
Spot instances are ideal for Big Data, CI/CD runners, Instances leveraged with batch processing, and Development and Testing. They provide you with up to 90% savings. They are computing capacity that is not in use and available for a shorter period of time.

Spot Instances are provisioned by bid price rather than a fixed price per hour, if the current bid price exceeds the one offered, the instances provisioned get terminated and assigned to another AWS customer or allocated to on-demand requests.

By @boldlink
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A beginner’s guide to OpenTelemetry   🔰
This post goes through what you need to know to get started with OpenTelemetry.
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5 Tools to Auto-Generate Terraform Configuration Files
This blog explores and discusses about importing Terraform Configuration using a variety of tools & best practices.
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Understanding Kubernetes Limits and Requests – Sysdig   ✅
Introduction to Kubernetes Limits and Requests, Kubernetes requests, Kubernetes limits, CPU particularities, Memory particularities, Namespace, ResourceQuota, and Namespace LimitRange with hands-on examples.
www.metricfire.com www.metricfire.com
Kafka performance monitoring metrics
This article analyzes what are the metrics for monitoring Kafka performance and why it is important to constantly monitor them.
medium.com medium.com
Does Kubernetes really give you multicloud portability?   ✅
All in all, deploying to a managed Kubernetes can’t be considered fully portable (or the silver bullet for portability), as there are add-ons or services that you would need to install and manage to ensure the application is deployed and configured as it is supposed to be.

You are spending less time on the core components of the deployment topology, and most of the cloud-dependent configurations come into play when you wish to have critical capabilities.
blog.symops.com blog.symops.com
The Many Ways to Access RDS   ✅
RDS is special among its managed-database peers because of its wide and incredibly powerful array of security features.

The focus of this article will be on the features that protect access to the data itself vs managing access to RDS API actions.

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📺 Quick Hits
Google's deal growth slows, senior Google Cloud sales leaders have told managers to expect changes in how the staff gets paid next year. Executives at Google Cloud explored basing sales commissions on how much customers spend rather than the total contract value, the Information reports.
Relating mostly to programs that can be executed with minimal human interaction, batch processing is commonly seen as an important feature of high-performance computing. To address this need, Amazon Web Services recently announced that it integrated AWS Batch and Amazon EKS services with one another to help companies more easily run batch workloads in the cloud.
Microsoft said it signed a "multi-year" deal with Nvidia to build a new supercomputer hosted in Azure and powered by Nvidia's GPUs, networking and AI software for training AI systems. Roughly two years ago, Microsoft announced a partnership with OpenAI, the AI lab with which it has a close commercial relationship, to build what the tech giant called an "AI Supercomputer" running in the Azure cloud. Containing over 285,000 processor cores and 10,000 graphics cards, Microsoft claimed at the time that it was one of the largest supercomputer clusters in the world.
Google's AmbiML team recently open-sourced KataOS, a provably secure operating system for embedded ML hardware. KataOS is based on the seL4 microkernel and is implemented in Rust.
Nutanix announced the general availability of Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Microsoft Azure, extending its hybrid cloud environment to Microsoft Azure dedicated bare metal nodes.
📚 Book picks
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Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes
What you will learn in this book:
  • Understand containers and Kubernetes-no experience necessary
  • Run your own applications on managed cloud Kubernetes services or on-prem environments
  • Design your own cloud native services and infrastructure
  • Use Kubernetes to manage resource usage and the container lifecycle
  • Optimize clusters for cost, performance, resilience, capacity, and scalability
  • Learn the best tools for developing, testing, and deploying your applications
  • Apply the latest industry practices for observability and monitoring
  • Secure your containers and clusters in production
⚙️ Tools
github.com github.com
A modern OSS Key-Value store built for today's hardware
github.com github.com
Score is an open source, platform-agnostic, container-based workload specification.
github.com github.com
Simple and minimal Alpine Docker Image providing XFCE4 with html5 noVNC connection
github.com github.com
A repo for docker services to serve OSM tiles, routing, and geocoding.
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