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Last week's must-read news and stories from Azure community
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Build an End-to-End DevSecOps CI/CD Pipeline and deploy it to EKS
The goal is to minimize risk and prevent new threats from entering the DevOps pipeline as well as improving the agile framework by surrounding it with security.
techmindfactory.com techmindfactory.com
Detect and respond to security events in Azure with Microsoft Sentinel   ✅
This article presents how to detect and respond to different security events in Azure and DevOps platforms using Microsoft Sentinel
praveenkumarsreeram.com praveenkumarsreeram.com
How to disable Continuous Integration on a YAML Pipeline
In this article, you are going to learn how to disable the Continuous Integration (auto-trigger) for an YAML based pipeline in Azure DevOps.
earthly.dev earthly.dev
Azure Functions Deployment for Node.js Developers   ✅
This tutorial will introduce you to Azure functions, the Microsoft flavor of serverless computing. You’ll learn how to create Node.js applications using VS Code, create Azure functions in Microsoft Azure, and finally deploy the application to Azure using the CI / CD pipeline in Azure DevOps.
azure.microsoft.com azure.microsoft.com
Any developer can be a space developer with the new Azure Orbital Space SDK   ✅
The Azure Orbital Space SDK was created to be able to run on any spacecraft and provide a secure hosting platform and application kit to create, deploy, and operate applications on-orbit. This "host platform" runs onboard the spacecraft including a containerized, scalable compute infrastructure with resource and schedule management capabilities.

The application kit provides a set of templates, samples, and documentation to make it easy to get up and running as a space developer with template applications for common workload patterns, such as earth observation image processing. There is also a "virtual test harness" that allows developers to easily test their applications on the ground against an instance of the host platform.

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📺 Quick Hits
Azure functions joins Azure Web Apps and Static Web Apps support for .NET 7.0 GA. Azure Functions is starting to roll out the RTM version of .NET 7.0 across the global infrastructure. 
You can now rotate SSH keys on existing AKS nodepools and no longer require a node reimage.
Microsoft released SQL Server 2022, the latest version of its database software, which was originally launched more than 33 years ago. 
A newly disclosed vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.’s Azure Cosmos DB was found to open the door to an attacker without needing authentication under certain conditions.
MongoDB introduced the Pay-As-You-Go MongoDB Atlas on Azure Marketplace
The visual Studio team announced the release of multi-repository support in Visual Studio 2022. Support for multiple repositories means you can have up to 10 active Git repositories at once. 
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www.reddit.com www.reddit.com
Aws or Azure in 2022?
⚙️ Tools
github.com github.com
Have you ever thought about translate a YouTube video? That is the idea for this project.
github.com github.com
Automated Terraform cloud and enterprise drift detection
github.com github.com
Azure as an external process source for psDoom-ng
github.com github.com
The Actions Importer helps you plan and automate the migration of Azure DevOps, CircleCI, GitLab, Jenkins, and Travis CI pipelines to Actions.
github.com github.com
Awesome Datadog monitors, dashboards, and troubleshooting guides crowdsourced with years of experience running services at scale
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