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Hybrid Cloud — Pros and Cons
A hybrid cloud refers to mixed computing, storage, and service environment that runs on private cloud services, public cloud services, and on-premise infrastructure. With a hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of each delivery method while mitigating the risks of choosing just one.

How does Hybrid Cloud work, and what are its use cases, advantages, and disadvantages?

By @boldlink
From the web
DevOps with serverless Jenkins and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)   ✅
The objective of this post is to walk you through how to set up a completely serverless Jenkins environment on AWS Fargate using AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK).
Choosing the AWS pricing strategy that fits your business
This post quickly explores commitment-based pricing strategies and Savings Plans vs Reserved Instances on AWS.
Degenerate Leadership Principles   ✅
Ethan Evans recently wrote about how the Amazon Leadership Principles (LPs) are often Weaponized. In this follow up he wrote about a parallel problem, where a degenerate or overly simplistic form of the principles are applied.
Deploying Python web apps as AWS Lambda functions   🔰
Here's how to deploy a Python web application as a Lambda function.
Should You Get AWS Certified?
In most cases the answer is yes!
Use AWS Network Firewall to filter outbound HTTPS traffic from applications hosted on Amazon EKS and collect hostnames provided by SNI
This blog post shows how to set up an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) cluster such that the applications hosted on the cluster can have their outbound internet access restricted to a set of hostnames provided by the Server Name Indication (SNI) in the allow list in the AWS Network Firewall rules.
Lambda Networking
Considering when to apply or not apply VPC networking to a Lambda function
AWS vs GCP reliability is wildly different   ✅
After encountering some reliability issues with on-demand provisioning of GPU resources on Google Cloud, the author puts together a benchmarking harness to test AWS vs. GCP availability. It spins up GPUs at random times of the day to account for on-demand usage with unknown forecasts
Securely Using External ID for Accessing AWS Accounts Owned by Others
External ID is important when using a cross-account IAM role to access third-party AWS accounts. This post focus on the best practices for using external ID to avoid the confused deputy problem it is designed to solve.
Quick Hits
Amazon Polly adds Cantonese language support.
Amazon Corretto 19 is now generally available. This version supports the latest OpenJDK feature release and is available on Linux, Windows, and macOS. 
eHealth NSW, the digital organisation of NSW Health, is now developing and deploying clinical applications through its cloud architecture developed in partnership with hyperscale providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
AWS Glue Crawlers now provide properties and metrics associated with past crawler executions to simplify monitoring and auditing. This crawler history feature builds on AWS Glue Crawlers; customers use Crawlers to discover datasets, extract schema information, and populate the AWS Glue Data Catalog. 
AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery is now available in the Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region.
AWS introduced DNS resource record set permissions, enabling customers to define AWS IAM create, edit, and delete policies for individual or groups of DNS record sets within a Route 53 public or private hosted zone.
In its first year, the AWS Health Equity Initiative distributed $14 million in cloud credits and technical expertise to support health equity innovations globally.
Apple-in-the-enterprise solutions provider Jamf has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to introduce new tools to let IT admins manage virtual EC2 Macs.
Amazon Comprehend customers can now extract the sentiments associated with entities from text documents in real-time using the newly released synchronous API. Targeted Sentiment synchronous API enables customers to derive granular sentiments associated with specific entities of interest such as brands or products without waiting for batch processing.
Amazon EMR Studio is now available in Amazon Web Services China Regions, operated by Sinnet, and the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) region, operated by NWCD.
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kubectl plugin for Amazon EKS
Inject secrets directly into an application's environment variables
CyberSecurityUP/Cloud-Security-Attacks: Azure and AWS Attacks
Azure and AWS Attacks. Contribute to CyberSecurityUP/Cloud-Security-Attacks development by creating an account on GitHub.
Force CloudFormation to generate a tree view for any stack

CyraBee #340: Should You Get AWS Certified?
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