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Airbnb Deploys 125,000+ Times per Year with Multicluster Kubernetes   ✅
Airbnb ran a Ruby on Ruby on Rails monolith called Monorail. The company experienced tight coupling issues with the monolith. Airbnb moved to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. To address scaling, the company began migrating to Kubernetes in 2017. Since then, Airbnb has added over 22 cluster types, such as production, development, etcd. Since 2019, more than 50% of the company’s services have been running on over 7,000 nodes.

By @jalaj81 , Data science Head, Avl
Advanced GIT — Merge, History & Diffs
This article looks at merging in deep, discussed “good” commits, and how we can reference commits.

By @d9nich
From the web
How to Standardize Service Ownership at Scale for Improved Incident Response
Service ownership is a DevOps best practice where team members take responsibility for supporting software they deliver at every stage of the development lifecycle . This level of ownership brings development teams much closer to their customers, the business, and the value being delivered .
Application logs: Your eyes in production   ✅
The logs are your major tool for understanding and troubleshooting your service workflow in production. Check how and learn about the best practices.
Practical Shell Patterns I Actually Use   ✅
Over the decades IanMiell hasbeen using the shell, there are thousands of reusable patterns he has picked up from looking over others’ shoulders and googling. Check them out in this article.
Going On Call for the First Time
Miss O11y addresses common concerns of being on call and provides helpful advice on how to overcome any fear it may bring.
The collapse of complex software   ✅
A legacy system exists: it’s big, it’s complex, and no one fully understands how it works. Architects are brought in to “fix” the system. They might wheel out a big whiteboard showing a lot of boxes and arrows pointing at other boxes, and inevitably, their solution is… to add more boxes and arrows. Nobody can subtract from the system; everyone just adds.
My journey to get certified in Terraform Associate
This story describes the personal experience of Miguel Moreno. It talks about the exam, the score, the suggestions of the author and the learning path + the study resources you may use.
How fast are Linux pipes anyway?
In this post, you will explore how Unix pipes are implemented in Linux by iteratively optimizing a test program that writes and reads data through a pipe.
Five Essential Non-technical Skills for SRE Success
Paul shares five essential non-technical skills (in no particular order) that he believes are necessary for SRE success.
Best Linux Commands For Advanced Hardware and System Info
Sometimes you need info about hardware, and you probably lost your invoice, spec list or a password to a store website. Maybe you did an upgrade and this info isn't accurate anymore. It's an easy case for home users, but what to do is you have many machines in a corporate environment? The commands below will also be useful for hardware debug.
Quick Hits
A report that surveyed decision-makers across all APAC countries including India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand—showed that 92% of China-based respondents use cloud in some form.
A new distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that took place on Monday, September 12, has broken the previous record that Akamai recorded recently in July.
The FBI and CISA have released a new cybersecurity guideline.
Dig Security raises $34 million Series A to deliver real-time data security for the cloud.
Omdia estimates the infrastructure software market will grow from $143 billion in 2021 to $296 billion by the end of 2026.
A survey showed that companies primarily using the cloud to host migrated applications suffered cloud security incidents most often, an experience reported by nearly nine out of 10 professionals surveyed.
Cado Security announced the availability of its platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Cado Security customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.
Grafana announced the general availability of Grafana Incident for its Cloud users.
Cloudflare introduced Advanced DDoS Alerts. Advanced DDoS Alerts are customizable and provide users the flexibility they need when managing many Internet properties.
Github announced the public beta of their larger GitHub-hosted runners for Linux and Windows. With the new, enhanced GitHub-hosted runners, you’ll get access to bigger runner sizes, fixed IP ranges, increased concurrency for your workflows, and more, so you build, test, and ship code fast.
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DevOpsLinks #340: Practical Shell Patterns 🚀
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