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👉 What is Identity-Native Infrastructure Access?
What the largest tech companies like Google and Facebook have discovered as they have grown their infrastructure is that traditional access control systems do not scale. Not only does the risk of a breach increase with each secret, but forcing developers to juggle hundreds of credentials to do their jobs limits productivity and encourages insecure workarounds.

The largest companies in the world have discovered that identity-based access is the way out of the dilemma.

This O'Reilly book will explain the concept of identity-based infrastructure access, and how it differs from more common older approaches based on secrets.
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Making a Go program 42% faster with a one character change
Finding the slow bits with pprof and flamegraphs.
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Generating Stripe-like Webhook Signatures
Building a webhook publishing infrastructure requires providing a way to validate the message’s integrity to enable consumers to validate the webhook event origin.

In this blog post, Subomi takes us through how Stripe-like signatures are generated.
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You don’t need orm in Go   ✅
Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a technique (a.k.a. design pattern) of accessing a relational database from an object-oriented language.

There are multiple implementations of ORM in almost every language; for example: Hibernate for Java, ActiveRecord for Ruby on Rails, Doctrine for PHP, and SQLAlchemy for Python.

Of course, there are also libraries for Go like gorm or xorm. These libraries are huge and they use a lot reflection package and one of the Go proverbs is reflection is never clear .
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Can writing code be emotional?
Google Cloud’s Kelsey Hightower says yes.

Kelsey Hightower is an American software engineer, developer advocate, and speaker known for his work with Kubernetes, open-source software, and cloud computing.
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Golang — context rewritten
The story will describe what context is, how you can use it and why you should use it. You are going to get useful knowledge about the subject, not the next big article about why you shouldn’t use it, or about some magic approaches regarding the context.

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📺 Quick Hits
The Go HTTP framework for micro-services, Hetz v0.4.1 is out.
Tekton Pipeline released v0.42.0 "Aegean Brackenridge".
Prometheus Golang client v1.14 is out.
Go-carbon, a simple, semantic, and developer-friendly golang package for datetime, version 2.2.2 has been released.
Cilium, the eBPF-based networking, security, and observability tool, v1.12.4 is out.
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LIVE Programming A Decentralized Poker Game In Golang   ✅
In this Golang tutorial series, you will create a peer-to-peer crypto poker engine in Golang and Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain: TCP network, gossip protocol, decentralized dealer, and crypto encryption.

📚 Book picks
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Functional Programming in Golang
Apply functional techniques in Go to improve the testability, readability, and security of your code.

What you will learn:
  • Learn how to think functionally about your code
  • Learn about core FP concepts and how they apply to Go code
  • Understand how FP can improve the testability of your codebase
  • Learn functional design patterns
  • Understand when to choose and not choose FP concepts
  • Get a deeper understanding of functional programming
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A Simple Multi-Environment Kubernetes management CLI tool
github.com github.com
Ghostly is a simple, lightweight, and fast full-stack framework for Golang
github.com github.com
Get traces, metrics and logs in minutes. No code changes needed
github.com github.com
A tool for glamorous shell scripts
github.com github.com
gowitness - a golang, web screenshot utility using Chrome Headless
github.com github.com
FUSE-based file system for replicating SQLite databases across a cluster of machines
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GoPa #348: LIVE Programming A Decentralized Poker Game In Golang
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