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🐾 Publication
Adding Metadata to Feature Flag Configuration using AWS AppConfig Extensions
This blog focuses on the build details of how we can use the App Config extensions to add metadata to a feature flag configuration at deployment time to customize AppConfig behavior.
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🔗 From the web
Xata gives Jamstack developers access to a serverless data platform with an API call
Xata is a serverless database with built-in powerful search and analytics. One API, multiple type-safe client libraries, and optimized for your development workflow.
Use Composer for Dataproc Serverless workloads
Dataproc can run jobs of different types: Pig, PySpark, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, SparkSql etc. It is used for everything from data lake modernization, ETL / ELT, to secure data science projects at scale .

In this post, the author uses Cloud Composer to create DAGs to run jobs. The DAG would create a Batch in the Dataprogui and run the
Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas and Azure Functions using Node.js
Learn how to get started with Microsoft Azure Functions and persist your data to MongoDB Atlas.
Processing Healthcare Data Files with Serverless GCP
Data in Healthcare today emanates from a wide variety of sources including exports of patient clinical data, wearables and devices. This means that it can arrive in various formats, so it’s vital to make sure the files are “clean” before uploading them to the cloud.

Using Cloud Functions to transform the data, we can then load it to BigQuery for analytics and processing.

We need a quick and easy way to ensure they’re in good shape when we transfer them to ensure high quality analytics downstream.
All the different ways to invoke an AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda can be invoked synchronously, asynchronously, or through event source mapping. This post goes through the different ways to invoke an AWS Lambda function.

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📺 Quick Hits
AWS Lambda added support for Node.js 18.
  • AWS Lambda now supports Node.js 18 as both a managed runtime and a container base image.
  • Developers creating serverless applications in Lambda with Node.js 18 can take advantage of new features such as an upgrade of the bundled AWS SDK for JavaScript to v3 and improved support for deploying ES Modules using Lambda layers.
  • This release also provides access to Node.js 18 language enhancements, including the experimental ‘fetch’ API.
The third Jamstack Community Survey's results are out.
  • The number of people who have used serverless technology jumped to 70%, taking it fully into the mainstream.
  • Serverless usage jumped from 46% (last year) to 71%.
📚 Book picks
Full Stack Serverless: Modern Application Development with React, AWS, and GraphQL
Learn how to build serverless applications that solve real problems:
  • Understand what is (and isn’t) possible when using these technologies
  • Create a GraphQL API that interacts with DynamoDB and a NoSQL database
  • Examine how authentication works—and learn the difference between authentication and authorization
  • Get an in-depth view of how serverless functions work and why they’re important
  • Build full stack applications on AWS and create offline apps with Amplify DataStore
⚙️ Tools
SST makes it easy to build full-stack serverless apps.
A curated list of software and architecture related design patterns.
Serverless search for AWS.
fastLane is a stateless and serverless password manager. Use only one password to get access to all of your passwords without storing all of them using a database.
Intelligently prepare Node.js Lambda functions for deployment
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