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Extending GKE with NGINX IC
A detailed guide on how to use NGINX Ingress Controller on GKE.
From the web
Tutorial: Deploying Cloud Run Jobs
This tutorial will walk you through the steps to develop and deploy your own Cloud Run job in minutes.
Why David Yach Loves Go
Learn all the reasons David Yach, industry veteran and Director of Engineering at Google Cloud, loves to use Go for software development.
Dual stack networks IPv4 and IPv6 in Google Cloud
An IP address is a unique identifier for a network and a host. IPV6 addresses were created to solve the problem of the address exhaustion limitation of IPv4. In Google Cloud, there are two IPv6 access type modes you can configure for your subnets. In addition to IPv4, you can use IPv6 IPs on your external load balancers.
Setup Alert at GCP on Services
This document walks through the process to set up alerts at GCP on services.
Exporting Data from MongoDB to GCS Buckets using Dataproc Serverless
Apache Spark is usually first choice whenever processing of data within memory is concerned. But, Spark comes up with a maintenance cost of Dataproc Clusters over GCP. This overhead of maintaining a Spark Cluster, creates an obstacle while using Spark for new jobs. Google Cloud Community has come up with Dataproc Serverless design which allows us to run Spark jobs on Dataproc Cluster without worrying about the overhead of maintaining a Dataproc / Spark Cluster.

Dataproc Serverless design could be used for running various kinds of Spark jobs. One of the major use case involves importing and exporting data via Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Buckets.
Simplify streaming ELT pipeline using BigQuery Subscriptions with Pub/Sub
Realtime Ingestion of your data from your clients to a Data Warehouse like BigQuery can be critical to making your latest business data immediately available for analysis. GCP announced a new Subscriber Type called BigQuery Subscription which writes data directly from Pub/Sub to BigQuery.
Deploy React App to Google App Engine with Bitbucket Pipelines   ✅
Setup Continuous Deployment for your React app using Bitbucket Pipelines and Google App Engine
Expert Tips for Your Business Cloud Management Strategy
What do the experts want you to know about building and maintaining a successful business cloud management strategy?
Real Time Data Replication From RDBMS to Big Query Using GCP DataStream
A walk through of the setup required to Replicate an on-prem MySQL database into BigQuery.
AWS Vs Azure Vs Google Cloud - Which cloud platform should you choose for your enterprise?
3 big cloud service providers, AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud are locked in fierce competition. Learn which one can be the best option for your enterprise.
CI/GitOps with Helm, GitHub Actions, GitHub Container Registry and Config Sync
In this article, you will see how you can package and push an Helm chart to GitHub Container Registry with GitHub actions (using PAT token), and then how you can deploy an Helm chart with Config Sync.
Quick Hits
Google Cloud plans to unfreeze hiring by October, leaked memo says.
Golang’s database/sql driver support for Cloud Spanner is now generally available.
Fine-grained access control for Cloud Spanner, now available in preview, provides table and column level protection for Spanner databases.
Customers who use Microsoft Intune for device management can now integrate signal information for app access with BeyondCorp Enterprise and Workspace.
Datastream for BigQuery is now available in preview, featuring seamless replication from operational database sources such as AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle, directly into BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse. 
The BNB Chain and Google’s Cloud solution are partnering to offer startups a strong web3 infrastructure that allows them to innovate and build the next generation of decentralized applications (dApps).
Out-of-the-box Pub/Sub metrics dashboards are now accessible with one click from the Topics and Subscriptions pages in the Google Cloud Console. 
Azure and AWS attacks

TheraFox #339: Extending GKE with NGINX IC
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